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Christmas Sales 🎄
16% off over $148 Code: MC16
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Are you suitable for wearing Topper?

Are you suitable for wearing Topper?

What's Topper Hair Extension?
  • Topper is made by workers crocheting human hair one by one on a special "net". It is also called high-end Topper. , bald places, in order to achieve the purpose of visually saying goodbye to thinning hair and improving the image. Among them, only the link of workers hooking takes about 30 days.

30 days? Why is the hook cycle so long?

  • If the hook is fast, it will be rough and the effect may not be very good; if the hook is slow, it will be delicate and the hairstyle will flow well; only workers with good eyesight and meticulousness can be done well until the age of 35!
  • Hooking the "real hair Topper" is almost the same as the production of handicrafts. It is a careful work that strives for perfection!
  • he workers' skills are very mature. Sunny's workers have rich experience and are proficient in different crochet knotting methods. They can make the hair stand or stick and conform to the natural growth flow to ensure product quality!

ps:Even so, Sunny Hair has enough stock ready for customers.

Are you suitable for Topper hair extension

Advantages of Topper

  1. Our Toppper is fixed with clips and can be removed at any time. It is the easiest connection type to wear. It is very convenient and fast to put on and take off. After wearing it, it is very natural, and there is almost no difference between it and the real scalp.
  2. Unlike the topper worn with glue, the topper with clips will not require you to buy a new wig because the hair grows longer. If you need, our clips can also be removed and can be glued to the head.
  3. Made of 100% Remy human hair, well-crafted human hair in silk base.
  4. professional stylist trim, can guarantee the overall super realistic.

Who is Topper suitable for?

  1. A person with a history of hair loss on the top of the head.
  2. There are some variegated people on top of their heads.
  3. People who have some small broken hair on the top of their head that look unsightly.

ps: The topper is the easiest to wear. If you are tired of the color of your hair, you can change your mood with such a simple to wear and take off hair block.

The advantage of Topper hair Extenison

How to Apply Topper Hair extension?

  1. Choose a suitable position on the top of the head to wear, buckle the clip.
  2. After wearing, comb the wig to blend with your own hair.

Can you wear it yourself? How to put it on? How to take it off? Can you wear it while sleeping?

  • Unless there is a special style for the performance on stage, almost everyone can take it off and wear it by themselves. In addition, we do not recommend wearing it on your head to sleep, because sleeping will mess up the style, it will be very laborious to restore the style, and the squeezing all night will definitely damage the Topper products.

    How to wash?

    • It is best once a week, the temperature of the water is almost in the range of 35 to 35 degrees Celsius. When washing, wash from the root of the hair to the tip of the hair. You can use a wooden wide-toothed wood comb for grooming. You must use the shampoo after washing. Wash the conditioner again, spray a special softener (conditioner) when it is semi-dry and semi-wet, and then dry it naturally or blow dry.

    Is it stable? Can it be worn on the head for swimming or playing ball?

    • Regardless of clips or stickers, the "Real Hair Topper" is difficult to fall off unless it is pulled vigorously. Stability and realism are the most fundamental product features. If the basic requirements cannot be achieved, they have long been abandoned by the industry.
      Although it is very stable, We still do not advocate wearing "real hair replacement blocks" for swimming and playing ball, because:
      1. The water in the swimming pool has additives, which will damage the "Real hair Topper";
      2. It is impossible to guess how much the sudden external force will be when swimming or playing. If it falls off, it will be very embarrassing.

    Sunny hair hair topper extension How long is the service life? How many years can it be worn?

    Five common factors affect longevity

    1. Average daily wearing time length.
    2. Is the external environment bad?
    3. Do you wash and care regularly?
    4. Is it properly placed?
    5. The degree of infestation of sweat and oil stains!
    • Occasional wear must last longer than daily wear.
    • The ones in the office building are longer than those outdoors.
    • Regular maintenance is longer than that without spraying softener (care solution) once a year.
    • Properly placed longer than squeezed or held in the sun.
    • No oil on the top of the head at all longer than sweating too much!
    The difference between headgear and Topper
    1. The headgear covers the hair completely from start to finish. Whereas Topper usually covers a smaller part of your head and blends seamlessly with the original hair growing on your head.
    2. Hair sets are for people who have no hair at all. And Topper needs to have some hair to hold.

    ps: Of course, for people without hair, if you want to use Topper, you can also remove the clip and glue it on.

    Sunny hair Toupee hair extension high quality hair extension
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