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Spring Sale Discounts Code:SPR15(15% off over $138) / SPR20(20% off over $188)
Spring Sale Discounts Code:SPR20(20% off over $188)

Sunny Hair

    Sunny Hair has own brand, factory and warehouse with over 10 years of history in the field of hair extensions. We only produce high quality human hair and insists on using environmentally friendly materials and ingredients in the production process to ensure strong, healthy and silky hair without any damage or tangles.We want to bring every client the change they dream of, regardless of age, gender and status. We believe that everyone has the right to have the beauty they want.

Our goal

   To develop high-quality hair extensions, create more popular colors, and make our customers' dreams come true and complete a gorgeous transformation.

Our Service System

    We regard the satisfaction of the clients as the first and unique criteria for all. We have a perfect service system which could provide our clients with professional and standard service. Where exists the benefit of our clients, there will be the basic benefits of our own to be alive and developing.

Our Factory

   Our factory will always be the foundation of our development.1. Using raw human hair: We collected human hair safely and healthily. After strict examination and screening, high-quality raw materials are selected.2. Perfect Using High Technology: Through the use of imported high-tech equipment.3. Using advanced product quality management methods: Each production process is tracked to individuals, and our product quality is controlled at all levels.