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Wedding Season Sale🎉

16% off over $158 Code:WE16

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How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair?

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair?


Short hair can be incredibly chic and stylish, but if you've ever wanted to experiment with longer locks without the commitment, hair extensions are your go-to solution. In this blog post, we'll explore the art of concealing extensions in very short hair, providing insights on how to hide extensions in very short hair without compromising on style.

1. Choosing the Right Hair Extensions:

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One of the crucial factors in achieving a natural look with hair extensions for short hair is selecting the right type. Opt for extensions that are designed for a discreet and seamless blend. Invisible tape, genius weft, pre-bonded extensions, and hand-tied weft extensions are particularly well-suited for short hair. These types provide a close fit to the scalp, ensuring a natural appearance.

Combining different extension types can offer a versatile and personalized result. This strategic blending helps to distribute the weight of the extensions evenly across the short hair, preventing any unnatural bulkiness.

2. Color Matching:

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Achieving a flawless blend with your natural hair color is crucial for a convincing look. Selecting extensions that closely match your hair color, or opting for a professional colorist to customize the shade, ensures a seamless integration. Additionally, consider variations in color tone for a more natural and dynamic appearance. Proper color matching is the key to making your extensions virtually undetectable.

3. Styling Techniques:

a. Layered Camouflage:

   Embrace a layered styling approach to camouflage the extensions effectively. Layers not only add dimension but also help blend the extensions seamlessly with your natural hair, creating a harmonious and inconspicuous look.

b. Tousled Textures:

   Opt for tousled and textured hairstyles to mask any potential lines of demarcation between your short hair and the extensions. This effortlessly disheveled look works well in concealing the added length for a more natural appearance.

c. Curling and Straightening:

Experiment with curls or straight styles to further integrate the extensions. The variation in texture can enhance the overall cohesion, making the extensions virtually invisible.

d. Root Teasing for Blending:

   Tease the roots of your natural hair slightly near the attachment points to create a seamless blend with the extensions. This technique helps in minimizing any visible gaps and ensures a smooth transition between the two.

By incorporating these styling techniques, you can further enhance the seamless integration of extensions with your short hair, ensuring they remain inconspicuous and natural-looking.


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