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16th Anniversary

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16th Anniversary

16% off Sitewide Code : SUNNY16

23% off over $238 Code:SUNNY23
Something You Need to Know about Hand Tied Wefts

Something You Need to Know about Hand Tied Wefts

When we talk about hand-tied hair extensions, we're discussing a method where hand-sewn wefts are applied to your own hair. This technique involves placing beads onto your natural hair and then carefully hand-tying the wefts to it. Our hand-tied wefts work well with all hair types because of their lightweight nature. Unlike in the past, when machine-made hair wefts were the norm and not suitable for many hair types, we now offer exquisite, lightweight hand-sewn hand-tied hair extensions crafted from 100% virgin hair.

How long do hand-tied extensions last?

Just like with any extensions, the better care you give to your hair, the longer your extensions will stay fabulous. At Sunny Hair, all our hair is 100% human hair. This means we go for top-notch quality hair, where all the cuticles are intact and the hair strands are aligned in the same direction. When you pamper your hand-tied weft hair extensions, they can stay stunning for up to a year.

Opt for sulfate-free and alcohol-free products to keep your extensions in top shape. These products help maintain the health and moisture of your extensions. Give your hair a treat with a hair mask once a week. For the best results, leave it on overnight. And here's a fantastic hair care tip: avoid brushing your hair when it's wet, as it's more prone to breakage. Wait until it's about 90% dry before reaching for that brush.

Your hand-tied hair extensions will naturally grow out along with your own hair, so the timing for adjustments will depend on how fast your natural hair grows. Typically, you'll want to have them shifted and repositioned every 6-8 weeks. This maintenance involves removing and then reapplying the extensions. Your hairstylist is the pro here and will expertly handle this for you.

Hand-tied hair pro and cons

Just like any form of hair extensions, there are both advantages and disadvantages to consider. It's crucial to weigh these factors carefully before deciding on the best type of hair extensions for your needs.


-  Adds natural fullness and length: Hand-tied hair extensions are renowned for delivering an incredibly authentic appearance. The hand-sewn wefts are notably lightweight and slender, eliminating any unwanted bulkiness that might become visible, setting them apart from some other types of extensions.

- Minimal damage: Unlike numerous alternative extension methods that involve adhesives, chemicals, and glues, the hand-sewn extension technique avoids the use of harmful substances, making it a gentler option for your hair.

- Long-lasting results: These extensions harmoniously grow out alongside your natural hair, boasting an impressive staying power of up to 8 weeks before requiring repositioning and maintenance.

- Versatile styling: Unlike certain extension types that impose restrictions on hairstyles, particularly updos and high ponytails due to visible bonds or inflexibility, hand-tied extensions offer boundless styling possibilities. They seamlessly adapt to any hairstyle and mimic the movement of your real hair.

- Compatibility with various hair types: In the past, wefts were predominantly suited for thicker hair due to their weightiness. However, the introduction of lightweight hand-sewn wefts has revolutionized this, rendering them suitable for a wide range of hair types.


- Professional application required: Applying hand-sewn extensions necessitates the expertise of a trained stylist who is well-versed in this specific technique. Attempting a self-application is discouraged due to the intricacies of the delicate sewing process involved. Moreover, it's essential to have a professional remove the extensions to prevent any potential damage to your natural hair.

- Not ideal for thin or fine hair: While the wefts are lightweight, they are still affixed to your own hair. For individuals with very thin or fine hair, the underlying hair might not possess the necessary strength to adequately support the weight of the weft, making hand-sewn extensions a less suitable option.

Are hand-tied extensions bad for your hair?

No, hand-tied hair extensions are not detrimental to your hair. In fact, they rank among the least damaging extension methods available. As emphasized earlier, hand-tied extensions steer clear of using harmful substances such as glue, chemicals, or adhesives that could potentially harm your natural hair. These extensions are notably gentle on your real hair and harmoniously grow out alongside it. Hand-tied extensions are well-suited for a broad spectrum of hair types, with the exception being very thin or fine hair. In such cases, alternatives like the Halo extension or invisible tape hair extensions might be more appropriate to consider.

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