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16th Anniversary

16% off Sitewide Code : SUNNY16

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16th Anniversary

16% off Sitewide Code : SUNNY16

23% off over $238 Code:SUNNY23

[USA Only] Virgin Tape in Human Hair Extensions Balayage Blonde #18/22/60

Original price $132.10
Original price $132.10 - Original price $132.10
Original price $132.10
Current price $35.99
$35.99 - $35.99
Current price $35.99

About 150-200g for a full head.

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Length: 14"
Weight: 25g
Gift: Free replace tape
NOTE: Specials don't support returns or exchanges.

Virgin Tape in Hair Extension

Sunny Hair's virgin tape-in hair extensions feature 100% pure virgin human hair, meticulously aligned with intact cuticles, all in the same direction. Crafted for swift application and effortless removal, these extensions can be discreetly and easily reapplied using lightweight adhesive tape tabs. This method stands as the most efficient and smooth approach to semi-permanent hair extensions.
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  1. Experience the excellence of our premium hypoallergenic tape adhesive: strong, safe, and gentle on your hair.
  2. Extend the lifespan of your extensions by simply replacing the tape.
  3. Effortlessly achieve a seamless and natural blend with your own hair.
  4. Attain beauty and confidence in mere seconds.
  5. Our material remains untouched by dyes, perms, or bleaches, maintaining its natural state as chemically unprocessed human hair, all sourced from a single donor. Expect minimal drying and knotting during usage, enhanced washability, and an extended lifespan.
  • Hair Weight

2.5g/piece, 10pcs/25gram per pack, 40-60pcs for full head attachment.

  • Hair Texture

Silky straight, would get a little wavy after washing or improper packaging.

  • Hair Quality
  1. 100% virgin human hair, natural, silky, and soft.
  2. With proper care, the hair can last for a minimum of 6 months. It's versatile, allowing you to curl, straighten, and restyle it just like your natural hair.
  3. Dyeing is possible, but limited to transitioning from a lighter shade to a darker one. We recommend conducting a strand test on a single piece before dyeing the entire set.
Sunny Hair tape in full cuticle virgin human hair length,sunnys hair store

There may be differences in the position of the hair, reaching different heights.

If you need match length or color, please contact us:

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    1. Don't wash the hair with the conditioner before using the tape.
    2. Never position extensions directly on the crown or very close to the neck's nape.
    3. When attaching, sandwich a portion of your natural hair between two extension strips.
    4. Refrain from washing your hair for at least 48 hours after tape application.
    5. While conditioning the hair, ensure not to touch the adhesive tape.
    6. Feel free to straighten, curl, wash, and restyle the hair to your preference, while keeping the temperature below 160 degrees Celsius.
    7. If the extensions appear excessively frizzy or unnatural, consider immersing them in conditioner for at least 30 minutes or applying essential oil for care.
To see more about tape hair extension care
how to apply tape in full cuticle virgin human hair,sunny hair,sunnys hair store

Step 1: Select a section of hair above ear.

Step 2: Place one tape under the selected hair.

Step 3: Position the second tape above the selected hair.

Step 4: Press firmly with your fingers for 5-10 seconds to ensure a secure attachment.


Make sure the hair is clean and unconditioned before applying.

A brief heat treatment with a hair straightener can enhance the bond.

>How to Replace Tape<

How to remove and exchange tape in hair extensions,sunny hair,sunnys hair store

  1. Use a few drops of remover between the two strands applied.
  2. Allow approximately one minute for the remover to take effect, then gently lower the upper piece.
  3. If necessary, reapply the remover by spraying.
  4. Place the other piece down and use your fingers to rub away any remaining glue residue.
  5. Remove the white backing from the tape.
  6. Align the tape-in hair from one corner to another.
  7. Apply firm pressure to ensure the tape adheres to the hair.
  8. Peel off the hair with the tape and affix it in place.

Can I swim, exercise or go in the sauna?

You can definitely do that. We recommend applying conditioner before swimming and leaving it in. This helps nourish your hair and allows it to absorb moisture. This, in turn, prevents your hair from soaking up harmful elements like chlorine and minerals. Hair can get tangled when dirt and sweat accumulate, so we suggest that you wear your hair up or in a ponytail while exercising or relaxing in a sauna. Remember to wash your hair after your workout and make sure to brush it both before and after exercising. Also, please avoid exposing extensions to sunscreen, as it might cause discoloration.

Can I use Hot Tools on my Tape-in Hair Extensions?

Absolutely, feel free to use hot tools such as curling irons, wands, flat irons, and blow dryers. It's a good idea to apply a heat protectant to each section of your hair before using any heat. Make sure to adjust the temperature of your hot tool to not exceed 160 degrees. Please note that direct heat should not be applied to the hair extension tape.

Can I Go to Sleep With Wet Hair?

For best results, we suggest that the hair is at least 80% dry and tied in a loose, low braid.

Do Tape in Extensions Ruin Your Hair?

The tape used in our Sunny Hair extensions is a medical-grade adhesive that's hypoallergenic and made in the USA. Our tape-in hair extensions are equipped with top-notch, sturdy, invisible double-sided tape that can be reused. This tape is completely undetectable and provides an incredibly natural appearance. Our utmost priority is using materials that are safe for your hair, ensuring your hair remains undamaged. Rest assured, these extensions offer a comfortable and natural wearing experience.