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16th Anniversary

16% off Sitewide Code : SUNNY16

23% off over $238 Code:SUNNY23

16th Anniversary

16% off Sitewide Code : SUNNY16

23% off over $238 Code:SUNNY23

[Pre Sale] Platinum Blonde Virgin Fishnet Human Hair Topper with Clips #60

Original price $680.26
Original price $680.26 - Original price $680.26
Original price $680.26
Current price $327.99
$327.99 - $560.99
Current price $327.99

About 150-200g for a full head.

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Length: 12"
Mono Top Size: 6*6inch
Color: Blonde

Please note: Pre Sale shipments typically take around 30 days.

Virgin Hair Fishnet Topper piece Hair

  • Sunny Hair Virgin Hair Fishnet Topper Hair Piece for Woman
  1. Natural Look: Our topper hair provides a natural and seamless integration with your own hair, enhancing volume and thickness.
  2. Versatility: It allows for easy styling, blending effortlessly with your existing hair for a customized look. Exercise caution: heating temperature should not surpass 160 degrees.
  3. Durability: Constructed with 100% human hair, our topper hair ensures long-lasting performance and reliability.
  4. Dye-friendly, but exclusively for transitioning to darker shades. Prior to full application, conduct a patch test using a small sample.
  • Improvement for Sunny Hair Virgin Hair Mono Topper Hair Piece
  1. Enhanced Scalp Realism: Our upcoming topper hair features a more realistic scalp design, closely resembling the appearance of natural skin.
  2. Improved Scalp Ventilation: The base of the topper hair is designed with a larger grid structure, improving breathability and comfort. With the larger grid, air circulation is enhanced, allowing for better ventilation of the scalp and reducing discomfort.
    • Topper Hair Specifications
    1. Hair Density: 130%
    2. Base Size: Virgin Hair - 6 x 7 inches, 5 x 5 inches, 3 x 5 inches / Remy Hair - 5 x 5 inches, 3 x 5 inches (Customizable size and shape according to your design)
    best human hair topper clip in hair extensions sunny hair topper
              1. Crafted from premium 100% Virgin human hair and meticulously placed on a silk base for ultimate quality
              2. Ideal solution for subtle hair loss, thinning hair, gray hair on the crown, damaged hair, or dye allergies.
              3. With a meticulously designed scalp that mimics the appearance of real skin, it enhances the natural look of the hairpiece, blending seamlessly with your own hair. This advancement ensures a more authentic appearance, boosting your confidence and allowing you to style your hair with ease.
              4. Effortless wear and removal with secure 3-4 clips attachment. Experience convenience and confidence.
              5. We've enhanced the design of the topper hair base, incorporating a larger grid structure. This innovation not only improves the overall comfort of wearing the hairpiece but also enhances breathability. The increased airflow through the larger grid allows your scalp to breathe, preventing discomfort and promoting a healthier scalp environment.

              sunny hair virgin hair topper for women
              large base size hair topper medeium size base size 100% human hair virgin hair topper

              sunny hair topper human hair topper for thin hair woman hair toppee with clips

                      1. Can I Style and Customize the Virgin Hair Topper?

                        Absolutely! Just like your own hair, you can curl, straighten, and style the Virgin Hair Topper to match your desired look. You can also have it cut and customized by a professional stylist.

                        2. Can I Dye the Virgin Hair Topper?

                          While our Virgin Hair Toppers are made from high-quality human hair, we recommend avoiding excessive dyeing to maintain their integrity. They can be dyed from lighter to darker shades, but it's always best to conduct a strand test before applying color to the entire piece.

                            3. Do I Need Professional Assistance to Wear the Virgin Hair Topper?

                            Not at all! The Virgin Hair Topper is designed for easy use. You can attach it yourself using the provided clips. However, if you're new to wearing hairpieces, seeking help from a professional stylist can ensure a perfect fit.

                            4. Can I Exercise or Sleep with the Virgin Hair Topper?

                            While it's recommended to remove the topper before intense exercise or sleeping to maintain its style and integrity, you can wear it during lighter activities. Just be sure to care for it as you would with your natural hair.