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Women's Day Sale

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5  Halloween  hairstyles  in 2021

5 Halloween Hairstyles in 2021

Halloween will come sooner than you think, and you know what it means: it’s time to start creating ideas for your costume combinations. In the past, Halloween costumes were dominated by the appearance of vampires, scary nurses, and witches. This year, if you want to break the tradition, you can try to draw inspiration from movies and TV.

Cruella De Vil

1. Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil is the villainous character in Disney's animated One Hundred and One Dalmatians series. She is a female fashion mogul with a crazy obsession with animal furs. Cruella, as one of Disney's classic villains, has an impressive look. This year, with the hit movie "Cruella", Cruella is back in the limelight. This Halloween, why not try a new costume?

In order to complete Cruella's look, you first need to have contrasting hair. If you don't want to dye your hair, consider using hair extensions. If you want to get back to your original look quickly after Halloween, I recommend clip-in extensions. SunnyHair offers dark clip ins and light clip in hair extensions  to help you complete the look better.

Cruella Makeup
Crulla Costume
Cruella De Vil Cosplay

2. Kang Sae-byeok

Thanks to the overnight sensation "The Squid Game" on Netflix, you are sure to see a lot of related characters on Halloween. As one of the most popular characters, Kang Se Bin will undoubtedly be copied by many. In terms of makeup, you'll need short natural black hair and a few freckles. For the costume, all you need is a green tracksuit and a pair of white sneakers.

Of course if you want to dress up as other characters it's not hard either. The key props for the role of the masked man are a black mask, a red suit and a model of a gun. The essence of the puppet doll is the yellow dress and the black double ponytail.

kang sae-byeok costume for Halloween 2021
Squid Game Red Halloween  Costume
Squid Game Costume
Squid Game Red Light Green Light
Emily From Corpse Bride

3. Emily

Emily is very much in line with the theme of Halloween, is a corpse bride created by Tim Burton in honor of the undead. Emily is a beautiful girl before she became a zombie, but was killed by her lover and robbed of all her possessions. At the end of the film, Emily blocked the blade for Victor and flew away into a million butterflies.

In Emily's overall look, white, blue and black as the main colors, long curly hair with exaggerated eye makeup, forming the main body of the entire makeup, plus the ghostly blue garland and white waist-length dress, you can easily get Emily look. You can try the best clip in hair extensions to extend your hair in order to achieve better results.

Emily Halloween Costume
Emily Corpse Bride  Halloween
Corpse Bride for Halloween

4. Maleficent

Maleficent" is adapted from Disney's old animation "Sleeping Beauty". This movie reinterprets this classic fairy tale with a new perspective. Maleficent in the film was originally a beautiful fairy, but due to the king's betrayal, she turned into a dark witch who ruled the forest.

The arrogant and beautiful Maleficent is one of the best choices for Halloween. However, Maleficent's tentacles and wings are the more difficult parts to imitate.

Maleficent  Costume
Maleficent Halloween Costume
Maleficent Hair Style
Lara Croft

lara Croft

If you think Maleficent's look is more difficult, then the same actor Lara Croft is also a good choice.  "Tomb Raider" is adapted from the video game of the same name. The film's Lara takes on the task of saving the planet, and she is powerful, sexy, and dangerous. If you also want to become such a character, you may want to try.

The most classic look in the film is Lara wearing a leotard, holding a double gun look. Lara's makeup is not complicated, mainly spiffy braided hair. You can catch hair extensions to help you achieve it. If you like to draw some small wounds, you can also add to the overall look.

Lara Croft Halloween Costume
Lara Croft Halloween
Lara Croft  Costume

5. Harley Quinn

Since the "Suicide Squad" movie aired, the clown girl in the movie has been the subject of many imitations. The two-tone ponytail and bold makeup couldn't be more appropriate for Halloween. Take advantage of this holiday and have a daring bash!

Harley Quinn's look focuses on the contrast of red and blue colors, which is reflected in everything from the makeup to the costume. To complete the look, you'll need light blonde hair and dye it red and blue. If you don't want to hurt your real hair and want to get back in time for Halloween, I think clip in hair extension is a good option. The eye makeup is also two colors. You will also need a jacket and shorts in both colors and a pair of fishnet stockings.

Harley Quinn Costume for Halloween in 2021
Harley Quinn Halloween
Harley Quinn Costume
Suicide Squade Costume

It's an annual Halloween, a rare feast of makeup frenzy. The regrets left last year must be made up this year. For so many rich looks, time is really running out. No matter which look you finally choose, we will provide you with more and better services as possible to guarantee 100% human hair, and help you find the perfect costume for Halloween.

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