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Independence Day Sale

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What is the best quality hair

What is the Best Quality Hair

You must be wondering what is the best quality hair extensions are? I believe that after finishing this blog, you will understand.

What is the best quality hair

According to Different Materials.
Hair extension can be basically divided into two categories from a large classification: man-made fibers Hair and human hair.

The Hair extension that can be seen on the market are basically processed and produced with these two raw materials.

Chemical fiber wigs have bright colors and long-lasting hairstyles, but the fidelity is not good. Generally, they cannot be dyed and permed.

Human hair is realistic and comfortable, but at a higher price. Because of its material, it can be ironed and dyed, and it is easy to preserve, but the production of Human Hair is limited, so the products of Human Hair are more expensive.

According to Different Regions.
Human hair can be divided into: China hair, India hair, Brazil hair, Myanmar hair, Vietnam hair, Mongolia hair and so on.

The main difference between human hair in various regions lies in the quality and curvature of the hair.

Chinese hair, Mongolian hair, Burmese hair, Vietnamese hair all belong to Asian hair, and the hair quality is relatively thick and straight. Among them, Chinese hair is the best, Chinese hair feels smooth, and the price is the most expensive.

Brazilian hair and Indian hair are softer in terms of hair quality, slightly larger in curvature, and have many types of hair colors. They are suitable for European and American hairstyles and are mostly used for hair extensions. Among them, Brazilian hair is the best .

Ps: All Sunny Hair hair is Brazilian hair.

According to Craftsmanship.
there are Hand-tied Hair Extension and Machine Hair Extension.
Machine Hair is cost-effective, but the comfort and fidelity are much worse. Generally used for temporary wear, emergency use.
Hand-tied has high fidelity, good breath ability and high comfort for those who wear it for a long time.
In short, how to choose depends on your personal needs.

according to the direction of the scales and whether they are damaged.
Human hair are divided into: mixed hair, Remy Hair and Virgin Hair
Poor quality for blended hair, good quality for Remy Hair. Virgin Hair is the best quality hair on the market.

The mixed hair is the broken hair collected by the barber shop. These hairs need to be acid washed and disinfected, and the hair strands have certain damage. Hair quality is average.

Virgin hair is completely natural human hair which has never been treated or had any chemical process carried out at the time of collection such as perm, dye, and colour. The donors of virgin hair must have long, healthy, and full hair. Virgin hair lasts longer and is much less likely to tangle than remy hair.

Remy hair is very popular because it creates a natural look when worn. The best quality of remy's hair makes all the stratum corneum intact, which means they can be properly aligned to make them look completely natural. Remy hair is usually deeply cleaned and conditioned to restore shine and remove any impurities. The best thing about them is that they do not contain any harmful chemicals and are hypoallergenic.

To sum up, the best quality hair is Hand-tied Virgin Hair.

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