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the 7 biggest fall hair color trend of 2021

The 7 Biggest Fall Hair Color Trends of 2021

“After the summer months have come and gone, and people are returning from their vacations and adventures where hair has been tied up in a bun, sun-drenched, and bleached out, they’re preparing to get back to the real day-to-day world,” explains Mauricio Bermudez, senior colorist at Suite Caroline salon in New York City. “Early days of fall are like the first episode of a new season, and people want to make a fresh impression with a renewed sense of energy. Debuting a fresh hair hue immediately communicates to yourself and to others that you’re ready for the change that comes with a new season.”

"In fall, your wardrobe changes, and your complexion usually gets a bit paler, so people typically want warmer or deeper hair colors,” says Alex Brownsell, co-founder and creative director of Bleach London.

Regardless, fall is the season of new beginnings, and change is change... It doesn’t necessarily need to adhere to rules or trends, hence the spate of fantasy color treatments, from candied dip dyes to bright neon shades. From “controlled gold” to copper orange, pros weigh in on the most in-demand fall hair colors and looks of the season.

Controlled Gold

control golden hair extensions virgin hair extensions blonde hair 100%human hair beauty hair trend 2021

When the fall approaches, and we desire to go deeper and more sophisticated with our shades, golden blondes are a great place to start,” explains Cornwall, who recommends skipping purple conditioners and swapping them out for a gold one. “Keep a bit of bright around their face to avoid color shock. The done-to-death money piece can be easily softened by a little delicate painting on the top of it.

Honey Wheat Blonde

Honey wheat blonde hair color autumn 2021 hair extensions virgin hair human hair

When it comes to finding that pitch-perfect shade of natural blonde, sometimes finding the right balance between warm and cool is the answer. Enter: Honey wheat blonde. “Wheat-toned blondes are diffused with a person’s natural color, rather than contrasting against it,” explains Jenna Perry, the colorist behind Chloë Sevigny’s blonde lengths. “It gives off that ‘I just left the salon’ look while looking effortless.”

Jaded Brown

Jade brown hair extensions virgin hair extensions brown hair 100%human hair beauty hair trend 2021

While red-toned brunette shades are synonymous with fall, a cooler, verdant-tinged alternative is also worth considering. “I adore a brunette that is anchored in jade, which reflects a peacock green like a Tahitian black pearl, instead of red-brown, which can muck up a rosy complexion,” explains Cornwall

Mocha Chocolate

Mocha Chocolate hair color autumn 2021 hair extensions virgin hair human hair

A deep rich brunette is chic,” says Perry, who recently gave Bella Hadid the mocha chocolate treatment that took her through Paris couture week and Cannes Film Festival. “The color reflects warmly in the sun, so it doesn’t ever look drab.”

Copper Red

hair extensions virgin hair extensions blonde hair 100%human hair beauty hair trend 2021

It’s all about copper this year,” says Brownsell. So too agrees on Perry, who recently helped Maude Apatow and Grace Van Patten transform with the color of the moment. “Copper red is equal parts sexy and playful,” she explains. “I think this color is most popular among people who want and are ready for a bold change.”

Warm Espresso

Warm Espresso hair color autumn 2021 hair extensions brown virgin hair human hair

I see a lot of people around this time of the year asking for depth, whether it be through low lighting or deepening their entire shade all around,” explains Los Angeles colorist Matt Rez, the master behind the dimensional brunette lengths of Eiza González and Camilla Marrone. “Those who always love warmth will want to deepen their color in that world of tone.” Rez foresees them opting for warmer golden tones or deeper espresso hues.

Tea-Light Candle Blonde

Tea-Light Candle Blonde blonde hair color autumn 2021 hair extensions virgin hair human hair blonde curly hair

To prolong summer, add a dose of sunny warmth. “Blonde can be warmed up a bit or finished with a soft root shadow to achieve a tea-light-candle blonde shade,” explains Bermudez. “It gives a rested, vacation-like glow and avoids the pale and sallow cooler-month complexion.”

Hope this blog can give you some inspiration and encouragement. Let's make one big hair color change for fall!

Thanks for reading :)

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